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Audiobook Premiere

Here goes.

Back in May, I was preparing for our annual family reunion, held every other year at the Chinn farm in Kansas. Every year we hold an auction to raise funds for the folloing year’s reunion. The exhortation this year was to bring something that would really create bidding wars. My brother made a knife from a tree on the farm and other items salvaged around those 240 acres.

This was my offering.

I read, recorded, wept, laughed, choked on my tea and thanked God for the opportunity to put my grandma’s book into spoken word. This memoir is a compilation of stories from much of the 1900’s—growing up during the Great Depression, love in the midst of WWII, and raising sons through a time of exponential growth in America.

For the auction, I burned one recording onto CDs. My mom won that bidding war.

Today, 4 years after we celebrated Mary Chinn’s life at a joy and laughter filled memorial service, her words are available via Audible and Kindle, and will soon be released on iTunes and Amazon.

I cannot put into words what this means to me. It is my first audiobook, and I can’t imagine ever being able to top it. Thank you to my family for their encouragement, and thank you to my uncle, Ed Chinn at Cool River Pub, Inc., for giving me the go-ahead to record.

If you’re looking for something to revive your soul, I invite you to listen. It’s short and sweet, a little over 3 hours long, and, from what I can tell, free to Audible members.

Thank you, Grandma.

You are beautiful.

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