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The audience needs to hear your words in a way that resonates with them and sends them into action. Yelling at them doesn’t get it done.


Connecting with them does.

Your focus is and should be on making an excellent product. But every product needs to be advertised in a way that fosters trust.  


And that's where I come in. 

        As an actress, I have been connecting with audiences since childhood. I have spent years studying characters, emotion, personality, dialects and accents (yes, they are two different things), laughter, cries, movement, and life. Give me your words, and I’ll give you a story.


A background, a memorable voice, a HUMAN. Think about the storytellers in your life. What made the story come alive was the person who was telling was the way they moved, the way they formed their words, the tears in their eyes or the way they laughed like a baby was how they cleared their throat...mispronounced 'dinosaur' (or is it just my dad who does that?) In other words, it was the human-ness. That’s why having a voice actor is so vital. The tone doesn’t matter if there is no story behind it. 


The story is the magic. 

You have put in so much work up to this point, so let me help you make it all worth it by reaching your audience at a gut-level.  Every product can create an emotional response.


It just needs the right voice.

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