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Staying on Track

I stood woefully staring at the shiny red Mustang in our driveway.

“It’s screaming at me, ‘You’ll never have children!’”

We were newlyweds and my husband had bought the car while he was a cadet at the Air Force Academy.

It was beautiful and built for speed.

We drive a minivan now.

My priority each day is to slowly, carefully, painstakingly show four complex little humans what is important. All while moving toward a career destination.

It’s going to take time.

But, I have never wanted to be the sports car. I want to carry something with me. Like a freight train.

They aren’t appealing. They’re heavy. It takes a long time to get them going. But once they move…well. There’s a reason Mustangs don’t play chicken with the BNSF.

Locomotives start with cars idle and loose. They may have over 20,000 tons to move. Impossible to do all at once. When the behemoth starts, the slack is taken up, one…car…at…a…time.

Sounds tedious. But for someone standing on the caboose not paying attention, they can have the train jerked from under them. By the time the slack reaches it, a caboose can launch at 15 miles per hour.

It’s downright dangerous to live with my mind stuck in the caboose, wondering when this thing is going to start.

I am moving, and I suspect you are as well. And we will arrive at our destinations full of good things to share. Keep your mind in the engine.

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